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It's all about grapes
Liora became interested in wine while working in the hospitality industry. After several trips to winegrowing regions across Europe it became obvious that she wanted to become a sommelier. In 2010 Liora found her calling and after that it has been all about the grapes!
The writer
In the food and wine magazine Maison Mat & Vin you will find Liora's regular column in addition to other wine related articles. Freelance assignments for other wine- and food related magazines and websites in Norway and abroad keeps everyday life diverse, delightful and delicious.
Sommelier Association
Liora held the titles Best Sommelier of Norway and the Nordics. While life as a competing sommelier is over, today she continues to actively promote the profession as President of the Norwegian Sommelier Association.
Wine expert on TV
After spilling wine all over the kitchen counter on live TV, Liora surprisingly landed the job as TV2's wine expert on the Breakfast show. Don't miss it - anything can happen on live TV!
She is currently recording the tv-series Wine First! To be aired on PBS (US) in fall 2020.
Tastings for A-kortet
Liora regularly conducts wine tastings for A-kortet, Aftenposten's members club. Learn about renowned grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as regions such as Burgundy, Piedmonte and Tuscany.
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